New Year, New Goals

Forget about resolutions, lets talk about some goals for the year ahead! Whether you want to upgrade your bike or your skills make sure 2022 is your year. Here are some suggestions to get you started.....

1. Ride more miles - yes we are starting simple....can there be a better goal than simply getting out on your bike more?! Instead of excuses that you can't ride, make excuses to get out!

2. Find new riding buddies - thanks to social media, there are now tonnes of local and national groups including lots of friendly female-only ones. This is a great way to discover events and biker friendly destinations to head to.

3. Refresh your riding - struggle with u-turns? want to get your knee down? Even if you've been riding since the year dot, its never a bad idea to take on some training. Be it a refresher, advanced riding or something more niche, it will improve your overall skill to make you a safer and more confident rider.

4. Upgrade your ride - whether it be giving your loyal steed some TLC or trading it in for a new shiny model, make sure your bike is in tip-top condition and ready for action.

5. Try something different - ever fancied adventure riding or greenlaning? Or maybe a track day? 2022 is the year to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself and be amazed at what you can achieve.

Here are some links to help if you decide to pick something off our list:

Women Only Motorcycle Training -

To refresh or upgrade your riding skills in a helpful friendly environment.

Adventure Rider Training -

If you'd like to give adventure riding a go, these guys are who you need! Female only days available.

Bod's Custom Cycles -

If your bike needs anything from a service to a complete overhaul they can help.

Female Riders UK -

National facebook group where members can share tips and ask questions about all aspects of motorcycling.

Please feel free to share with us your goals for the year, and of course when you smash them! Bring on 2022!

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